Bad Parenting

For the past few months there have been many appeals on the TV for missing children. It is something that I can’t help be touched by, but what really hurts is when the child has been taken or murdered by a member of their family, somebody they trust and look up to. It’s so cruel that innocent children are born to such evil people.

On the UK news at the moment is a story about a little girl who has been abducted whilst playing with her friends near to her house. They think they have culprit in custody, but they still can’t find the little girl. The family are obviously in bits and totallly devastated, but what really annoys me is that the little girl is only 5 years old and she was out playing at 7.30pm in October when it is practically dark. It was also a school night, so surely she should have at least been in her pajamas. She is 5! On top of that, she has a medical condition which requires her to have medication otherwise she will have serious pain. That poor little thing. I really hope they find her safe and well soon.

As somebody who can never have children, it upsets me even more to think that some parents seem to have no common sense what so ever. It’s plain to see that the little girl’s parents love her dearly and are distraught that she is missing, but I just feel like telling them how utterly irresponsible they have been. A 5 year old, out playing in the dark at 7.30pm on a school night! For goodness sake, where are your parenting skills?

Has there finally come a time when all parents need to go to compulsory classes to learn how to bring up and look after their own children? I know it’s not easy, in fact I don’t know because I haven’t experienced it, but common sense has to prevail in this situation. It was the same with the Madeline Mcann case a few years back. The parents left her and her twin sibblings on their own in villa whist they went out and had a meal. Maybe because they were on their holidays they thought nothing could happen, but I bet they wouldn’t have done that if they were at home in the UK. Small children need to be supervised, they need to be close to their parents. They are babies!

I am pleased to have got all this off my chest. My prayers are with the little girl and other children who are being neglected, abused or unloved at this time.


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