Having a meltdown

After texting a friend I haven’t seen for a while, we got on to the subject of babies and her daughter’s second birthday. Consequently, she asked if we had thought any more about adoption and I proceeded to tell her the positives and negatives of adopting and how we were uncertain about it all. By the end, I had told her I couldn’t face the adoption process, I was lonely and that I didn’t fit in with my peers.

Now, I’m not sure which part of the texting conversation triggered it, but I suddenly felt depressed and as though my life was as empty as a bottomless pit. My husband, bless him, is very good at reading me, and after a few words, he instantly knew something was wrong. He asked the ultimate question:

“Are you ok?”

I then couldn’t help myself, but to just break down in sobs. My poor hubby didn’t know what to do, so he hugged me, and offered me a tea, very British.

Isn’t it funny, that when you think you are fine, something happens and you realise you are not. I’m not unhappy with my life, but for that moment I felt I was. I felt that everyone had it all apart from me.

I cheered up after a good cry.


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