Being thankful

I’ve just been reading about a little 6 year old boy called Caden Beggan, who lives in Scotland. As I speak, he is fighting for his life in an intensive care unit. He was struck down by meningitis in October, and as a consequence of this, has had to have some of his limbs amputated. His dad is writing an account of it all on facebook, and it has so far got 30,000 followers.

Whilst I was reading it, tears were coming to my eyes and my problems seemed so insignificant. There I am, complaining and moaning about being childless, when this family are going through their own personal hell. Nothing can compare to the loss or serious illness of a child, and my thoughts go out to this family. I really hope and pray that he pulls through and goes on to have a full and active life.

Update: Sadly, on the 20th November 2012, Caden lost his battle for life. His family still write on facebook, and have even written a song to raise money for the hospital where he was treated. RIP little boy.

What things are you thankful for?


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