Time is a great healer

Happy New Year!

It feels good to be excited about 2013, because for the past two years my life has been very emotionally strained. I think my husband and I have now both come to terms with the hysterectomy, and are no longer looking into a dark and gloomy future.

The whole point of writing this blog, is to help put things into perspective, and decide what I really want to do with my life. It is now time to put the “What Now?”part of the blog into full swing.


So far, G and I have discussed maybe:

1. Adopting

2. Moving back to our university roots, where we have many friends and feel more at home.

3. Emigrating to Canada because we lived there for a year and loved it. G would need to get a job offer, but that is not out of the question because he has had them before.

4. Saving money by staying in the south of England where wages are higher but houses are more expensive. Then, when we have a large nest egg, move somewhere cheaper and get a small mortgage.

5. Living by the sea.

6. Buying a pub or setting up shop.

We have always been on the move, never settling anywhere in particular, so deciding where we want to buy a house is a major decision.

The future

It might seem weird to some that I am putting this much thought into my future. Why don’t I just live life and see what happens? It’s important to me though, that I have loose plans. I don’t want life to just pass me by, and then before I know it I’m picking up my pension. When a couple can have children, the next 18 years are already mapped out. Things are very different for us. We have too many choices. The world is our oyster, but leaving things too late could lead to disappointment.

I would love to know how others fill their lives without children. Are you happy with your life or do you crave for more?


I love reading your comments! Go for it!

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