Back to work!

Well, I’ve finally started my new teaching job, and I’m absolutely cream crackered! I’ve got thirty four, seven year olds chatting away to me everyday and it’s lovely. They’re lovely. It’s a good age to teach because they aren’t so young they need their coats zipping up, and they haven’t yet got a “know it all” attitude like some ten year olds do.

Being this tired after work does make me wonder how I would cope having a family of my own. I can bearly be bothered to make my own tea, never mind a demanding child’s. The house already looks like a bomb’s hit it and it’s only Wednesday! It’s not like G isn’t helping either because he is.

How do parents cope with full time jobs and children to look after? I suppose you just get used to it, but I can understand why some families break down under the pressure. My best friend, who has two children, (aged 10 and 5) two horses, a part time job, a dog and an illness (behcets disease), which takes it out of her due to regular hospital check ups and excruciating headaches, says she just likes being busy. My life is an absolute breeze compared to hers. It’s strange how we were we brought up in the same town and went to the same school since the age of 5, but our lives are completely different. We actually don’t have that much in common any more apart from our history, but we still get on really well and are in touch frequently.

It’s evenings like tonight, that I’m quite happy I don’t have any children. What would happen if I chose to adopt, but regretted it later and craved for the life I have now? Does that ever happen, or is having a child so over whelmingly wonderful parents never look back?


2 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. I have found myself in the same position. My Partner Kids come over every other week. They are aged 13,11,9 and 6. They keep me busy, baking cakes, making things and when they go home after three days I’m knackered! I said to my Partner that perhaps I wasn’t ever cut out to be a Parent because I get so tired. He said that you just get used to it over time and don’t notice how busy you are. I think they are coming over next weekend so I had better prepare myself lol

    • Hi Sam,
      Well, I’ve done a full week at work now and I am ready for the weekend. I have gradually become a grumpier teacher as the days have gone on. They really do take it out of you. If I had children at home right now I would probably put the clocks forward and pretend it was their bedtime so I could relax. I bet you do get used to it though, and it can’t be that bad, otherwise people wouldn’t choose to have more.
      Thanks for commenting.

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