One test down, one to go!

The doctor just called to tell me my blood test results, which was good because I was too scared to ring him, and was putting it off until tomorrow. Pathetic I know. He said everything was normal. My hormones, blood count, liver, kidney, thyroid and cancer markers were all normal. I cannot describe the relief I feel right now. I know I still can’t rule cancer out just yet, and I won’t know for sure until my ovaries are out, but it’s a good sign. I will sleep a bit easier tonight. My CT scan is on the 5th March.


2 thoughts on “One test down, one to go!

  1. That’s brilliant news! I’m so pleased the results came back ok, there’s nothing worse than waiting. I had my gynae appointment yesterday and all was clear on the cancer front thankfully and my cancer markers had been raised when tested so that sounds very positive for you if yours were not. What a relief! X

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