Results Day

I had a letter from the hospital yesterday to let me know I have an appointment to see the consultant this Friday. It’s all very quick which makes me feel nervous to say the least. It’s at the cancer clinic again, but apparently this is purely because it has the facilities and comfort that is needed. If they think beige walls, hard floors and plastic chairs are comfortable then they are misguided! I know they are trying to put my mind at ease, but it isn’t working. At least G is coming with me to my appoinment this time so we can be nervous and scared together.

Please let them just be cysts!


2 thoughts on “Results Day

  1. Hmm, the words hospital and comfort just don’t go together really do they? I think waiting rooms are designed by people who have never had to sit in them in nervous anticipation. I am crossing my fingers and hoping all goes well at your appointment on Friday. Good luck and big hugs xx

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