One ovary or no ovaries?

I saw my consultant yesterday and although she can’t be 100% sure, she doesn’t think my cysts are cancerous. The cyst on my left ovary looks borderline as it has a node and blood vessels, so that ovary has to go. My right ovary looks like an endo cyst and it’s only 2cm big so that ovary can be saved.

When she first told me this, I asked her to remove both of them. After all, I don’t need them and I can go on HRT. However, she explained to me, that there hasn’t been a lot of research done on ladies taking HRT in their early 30s, and there could be risks of blood clots and breast cancer. With my mum getting breast cancer, my risk is greater.

So now I have a decision to make about whether to have both ovaries removed, or keep one. My mum told me to write a pros and cons list so I will do that now.

Pros of keeping my ovary.

1. I won’t need HRT and I will be producing my own oestrogen which has got to be better than the artificial stuff.
2. It was the consultants opinion that I should keep it.
3. I will still have a bit of my lady parts left, which is good for my mental state.
4. I won’t have terrible hot sweats straight after my operation.
5. A lifestyle change of diet and accupuncture may reduce the risks of the cyst growing back, ( I need to do more research on this).

Cons of keeping my ovary.

1. The cyst may grow back so I will need it removing anyway, which will mean another operation. With my track record it probably will!
2. After doing a biopsy on the cyst, they might discover that it wasn’t an endo cyst after all and I will need it removing anyway. Another op.
3. My ovary will be always on my mind and I will need 6 monthly checks on it.
4. With only having one ovary I could go into the early menopause anyway.

Pros of getting rid of the ovary

1. I won’t need to worry about my ovaries anymore.
2. I won’t need anymore operations on my ovaries.

Cons of getting rid of the ovary

1. I will begin to go through the menopause straight away.
2. I will be on HRT that could give me blood clots, breast cancer and other things they haven’t discovered yet.
3. The artificial hormone would not be as good for me as my own.
4. I’m scared of needing a drug in order to have healthy life.

I have until next Friday to decide. I’m having the operation on April 2nd. Cripes!
What would you do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you God, where ever and whoever you are ( I’m not a religious type, but thinks there is something somewhere) for giving me that terrible pain a couple of months ago (which I haven’t had again) and for the results being positive yesterday. Amen x


2 thoughts on “One ovary or no ovaries?

  1. Hey, I’m glad your results came back on a more positive note, even if they aren’t 100% sure. During my first surgery they took one of my ovaries. I still had a monthly period, but I found that I was waking up in the night really warm…like a mild form of night sweats. Also I had incredibly itchy skin, but that might have been nerves because they told me I had cancer. So when I had my hysterectomy they had to take my other ovary and it put me in menopause immediately. I can’t take HRT because my cancer is hormonal. But I have taking a low dose of an anti-deppresant called Venlafaxine, the dose is 37.5MG and I take one a day. It took about a week and a half and the hot flashes stopped. Sometimes I get a little warm, but not like before the pills kicked in. Because the dose is so low it didn’t alter my feelings or personality or anything that it may do when they prescribe it for people with depression. My brother-in-law (who is a pharmacist) told me that I would have to take the pills for about 6 months to a year and then I could stop taking them (after consulting with my doctor) to see if I still have hot flashes. If not, then I would be through menopause, and if i still had the hot flashes I would take the pills a little longer and then try again. I’ve also been told that these pills work for about 70% of women. My question though (because you have the option), would be if they remove both of your ovaries will it lower your life expectancy. I’ve never asked, because I didn’t have a choice they had to take both ovaries, and I can’t take HRT. Good luck with everything, if you want to talk anymore about this just let me know!! I hope you can have a good weekend despite all of the things you need to think about!

  2. Hi Renee, I hope you are still recovering well. Thanks for your post. The reason I will need to take HRT is not only because of the hot flashes, but also because of my bones. I have metal rods in my spine, due to scoliosis, and so keeping my bones strong is more important than ever. Have they given you an alternative to reducing the risk of osteoporosis? That’s the big issue with ladies our age who don’t have their ovaries, ( I’m assuming you’re in your 30s). The consultant said I would need HRT without a doubt. It’s interesting that you had night sweats with one ovary. So I might end up feeling menopausal even with an ovary intact. Oh dear, what to do?

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