Recovering well

I’m glad to be home from the hospital after a 5 night stay. I felt really cared for and I would go as far as saying it was the best hospital I’ve stayed in as an adult. They even called me this morning to check how I was doing, I feel like a VIP. Although I was in ICU for 3 nights it was just precautionary, which is one of the reasons why I felt so cared for. They actually listened to my concerns this time, instead of having the attitude that doctors know best and I’m a neurotic patient.

The operation went well, they removed my left ovary and took the cyst from my right as planned. The frozen biopsy showed that both cysts were endometriosis cysts, however, that needs to be comfirmed with a further biopsy. The surgeon said the cysts looked fine and the node that was visible on the CT scan was not there when they looked at it with their own eyes. I have actually had an ovary removed for no reason, other than its size, but if that’s what’s needed to get a diagnosis then so be it. It’s not like I need them really anyway. I’m glad I decided to keep one.

I was given an epidural before being anesthetised, and to be honest I was disappointed with it. When I woke up I expected no pain, but I was in pain. I couldn’t feel my right leg at all, so they had to take the drug away until the feeling came back. Then they injected me with morphine in my neck which made me feel really really sick. Eventually, they managed to sort out pain medication that was right for me, and get the epidural to a point where it wasn’t making the wrong parts of my body numb.

I hate taking drugs. My body doesn’t tolerate them very well at all. I know some people buzz off them (hubby likes tramadol) but I don’t like feeling out of control. The doctors seemed obsessed with giving me morphine which just knocked my head off. In the end I told them to either reduce the dose or stop giving it me altogether because I couldn’t wake up properly. Then the physio therapists would come and expect me up and out of bed walking around when I could hardly lift my head off the pillow. I’ve already cut the codeine in half since I’ve been home, the vivd dreams and nausea were horrible.

The worst part of the whole experience was being in intensive care. Oh my goodness it’s enough to drive anyone insane. There is not a second that goes by without noise, even at night it’s like Piccadilly Circus. The bleeps, buzzes and constant movement is just exhausting. I know it’s the bleeps that inform the doctors and they need them, they are just so draining. Some people are unconscious when they are in intensive care, because they are seriously poorly, but, if like me, you are conscious for most of the time, it’s like some kind of torture. One night it got that bad, (because there was also a mad woman refusing needles and screaming at the top of voice) that I broke down it tears and begged one of the doctors for some ear plugs. He couldn’t provide them, obviously, so I resorted to sticking a bit of wet wipe in my ears. Not hygienic, but it was all I could get my hands on. I was worried I would be scarred for life after that experience, silly I know, but at the time it was horrendous. The doctors at least get some respite when they go home, for patients it’s none stop and starts to makes you feel jumpy and like you’re on red alert. I was so pleased when they put me on an ordinary ward!

So now it’s sit back and relax time. I’m still in discomfort obviously, and need a sleep in the afternoon, but I’m not in too much pain. I’ve got my ipad to watch a whole lot of Netflix on and I’m enjoying catching up on Corrie and Emerdale (British soaps). I’m so relieved it’s over. I see my consultant on the 19th April to get the final biopsy results, hopefully I’ll be walking properly by then.


2 thoughts on “Recovering well

  1. I’m so glad you are home and doing ok. Relax, enjoy some Netflix and hopefully your husband will spoil you rotten. I’m so happy to hear your cyst were endometriod and not the dirty c word! Take care!

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