Oh dear, I’m bored already!

It’s been two weeks since my ovary was removed, and although my recovery is going ok, I’m already getting fed up. It’s early days, I know! I have to take it easy, I know! In fact I can’t do anything else, but take it easy. I sat on the couch all day yesterday instead of sitting in bed, and by 9.00pm my stomach felt like had been put in a vice. I had to take a codeine.

Today, I have been in and out of bed to get drinks and food. I sat on the floor and sorted the laundry into piles of mine and Gs and tried to tidy up a bit. I have found it difficult to do the smallest of tasks and it’s depressing. G has gone back to work now, so I’m on my own all day and I can’t leave the house because I’m not strong enough to go far. To begin with, I relished the thought of having the house to myself. I was looking forward to watching Netflix to my hearts content and reading the nortorious “Fifty Shades of Grey.” As it happens, “Fifty Shades” is an awfully written book that I can only read in small doses and Iooking at an ipad screen all day is not all it cracked up to be.

As I am writing this, I am aware that I am whinging about nothing. I am actually ashamed to be moaning when I know things could be so much worse. I just want to be able to go a little walk, have a decent sized bath ( still can’t get my wound too wet and our shower has broken), help G around the house and get out of bed for longer than a few hours without it hurting. Another reason I want to be more mobile, is because every night at 7’Oclock, G has to inject my thigh with a medicine to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. It hurts. The sooner I can increase my walking the sooner I can come off those buggers. I didn’t have them to take home after my hysterectomy, but I suppose that was a few years ago. DVT is apparently the biggest killer after surgery, so I should really be grateful the doctors are taking action against it. I’m supposed to be wearing those special socks too, but I binned those on the first day home.

Since writing the above paragraphs I’ve had puddle bath and I instantly feel a bit better. It’s amazing what a bath and a good moan can do. Tomorrow I’m going to venture outside and catch a few spring rays. I won’t go far, just down the road and back, then I’ll sit in my back yard and read. Yes, that sounds like a plan!

If anyone has any other great ideas of passing the time, please let me know.


12 thoughts on “Oh dear, I’m bored already!

  1. I’m glad the recovery is going well but I totally understand the boredom factor! For the first week or so you feel too rough to do anything but then as you begin to heal and you feel better, sitting around all day is hard work! I bought a ton of books and dvds but after a while I’d had enough. I felt much better when I could get out and about a bit. I started off like you, short walks which I tried to increase by a lampost each day! That’s how exciting my life was, the highlight of my day was how many lamposts I had walked!! Sitting outside sounds like a good plan, I was stuck in for a month in January when it snowed and it was rubbish. I felt so much better when I could have a bath and wash my hair so I get that too. Totally unglamourous suggestion but I bought some support pants from the hysterecomty association which I found really helped my sore tummy and made moving around much easier.

    I think you are entitled to a good moan after all you’ve been through in the last few weeks and sometimes it really helps. I used the time to explore my creative writing skills a bit, something I’d always fancied doing. The results weren’t that great but it passed the time. Keep taking good care, as boring as it is, it will be worth it in the long run. I hope you can come off those jabs soon, they sound horrid. Lokk after yourself x

  2. Hi again Janey! It’s nice to hear from you. I wrote you an email, but not sure if you got it.
    I am going to think of some kind of project to do for the next 6 weeks I think. I’ve already made a sock monkey which was a silly xmas present from my sister in law. That kept me busy for a couple of days. I’ll probably have a knit or start my school reports so that I’m ahead of the game. I hope you are well xx

    • I’ve not checked my emails, been offline for a week as the first full week back after the holidays has been intense at work to say the least! Thank you though and I will fire up my laptop tonight and look (I’m doing this from my phone so it’s limited internet access). Take care and I will email you back later xx

    • Hi again! I’ve checked my emails but can’t seem to find the one you sent me sorry! Did you send it through here? I’m having porblems with my internet connection at the moment and my computer is about 100 years old so I will have another look at the weekend on a more reliable laptop! Hope you had a better day today, I hear knitting is quite theraputic! Xx

      • Hi again,
        I sent it to your email address that came up on my side of the blog when you first commented. It doesn’t matter, I was just asking you about the recovery period and how long it took you get semi back to normal. I was having a down day I think and being terribly inpatient.
        Yes, knitting is therapeutic! My sister in law gave me a finger knitting gift for xmas ( knitting without needles), so all day today I’ve been doing it, trying to make a snood. It’s very easy, but I’m a rubbish sewer so I’ve sewn it all together but it’s too small. It won’t even go over my head. So I’ve just tried to unpick it, but cut the wrong bit of wool and it’s all unravelled! Oh well, it’s kept me busy for the day and I’ve learnt a new skill and know now what not to do!

      • That should have come through then so I’ve no idea what happened as that’s my main email address. My recovery took a lot longer as I had all that endo lasered away and it was quite painful for a while afterwards. I felt able to go out a bit for lunch etc after about a month but it took a lot longer to feel normal ish for me. To be honest I’m still struggling a bit as this is my first full week back at work after 8 weeks off last term and I’m so tired and a bit uncomfortable at night in the stomach area. I think doing part time before Easter lulled me into thinking I’d be fine then those tiny Reception chairs have been a killer this week! Hopefully you won’t take as long as me to recover although do remember losing an ovary is a bit of a shock to the system. I think my other ovary is still struggling to take charge a bit and I’m a bit all over the place at the minute. I’m smiling at the idea of you knitting a snood and having to unpick it! Somebody I work with bought me a cross stitch but I couldn’t get the hang of it and had to leave it in the end. It made me twitchy! If you want to try and email again I will look out for it in my inbox! X

      • Still no email sorry! Not to worry but if you would prefer to email me directly, I will log onto Gateway over the weekend and leave you my details on there. I need to go on and catch up anyway, it’s been such a busy week I haven’t had time and I’m having withdrawal symptoms! Hope you have a comfortable day today and enjoy the knitting! X

      • Ok never mind. I just thought email was a bit more private. I hope work gets easier for you. You can always take more time off if you really need to. Teaching is a very physical job, I’m sure the school would understand. I’m starting to panic a bit that I’ve only got another 4 weeks off, I don’t think I’ll be ready by then the way I feel at the moment. Have a good weekend xx

      • I agree email is more private, if you want to try and email the address on here directly maybe that would work? I’m sure others don’t want to read my rambling replies anyway! I felt great at the end of my sick leave, I think first week back is always tough after a holiday let alone after a term off! They gave me a six week leave initially but I had to have it extended by another three weeks in the end as I just wasn’t ready to go back. If you don’t feel right don’t push yourself, it’s major surgery you have had and it’s better to take a little longer now than having to be off sick again in a few months. I’m so glad it’s Friday, I have a date with my sofa and a big bar of chocolate! Have a good weekend too, hope the weather is nice and you can get out in your garden xx

  3. Reblogged this on Our Hystories and commented:
    I find it so interesting to read about other people’s recoveries. I did find it so disappointing after my surgery, how little I got accomplished. I knew that I shouldn’t plan to get ‘things’ done but I was hoping to tackle some books, etc. However, I didn’t have the focus to do so for the first while, it was really surprising to me. I mean, how much energy does reading a book actually take. I see now that a lot of people have a similar experience.

    • Hi!
      Yes, In the early days after my operation I found it dificult to focus on anything when was recovering. I even found it hard to keep track on people’s conversations, but I think that was the anesthetic. When I was in the hospital I bought a card to watch TV but I couldn’t be bothered to even do that. It’s our body’s way of telling us to rest and sleep I think.

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