The weird pains of healing.

It’s been four weeks since my operation to remove my ovary, and on the whole I’m feeling ok. I am allowed to do light house work, but still no lifting, hoovering, driving or sexing. My pain isn’t too bad, but I am getting an unusual sensation which I will go into later, and unfortunately, part my wound is infected so Hubby is picking up some antibiotics for me later on today.

I am going to tell you about my unusual pain now, in the hope that somebody out there can tell me that it’s normal, that they had it too and it will go by the time I have to go back to work, which is in 2 weeks time! Cripes!

Bearing in mind that my scar runs from my belly button down to the middle of my pubic bone, I am hoping that this weird pain is just the result of some nerves knitting back together or something. Anyway, it’s a bit embarrasing, but the pain feels like a giant, or something else heavy, is swinging from my pubic hair. There, I said it, I actually mentioned pubic hair on my blog, but I need answers!

The giant isn’t there all the time, it’s usually only in the evening, but it’s really painful and annoying. It doesn’t hurt to touch, and it moves about. Sometimes it’s near my groin and sometimes it’s in the middle. If you can imagine a really sticky plaster being slowly peeled off a hairy part of your body, that’s what it feels like. Not that I’m a gorilla or anything!

I did mention it to my consultant on Friday, and he said my description was really good and it’s because my cysts were peeled away so the area is raw, but I’m not convinced. Why would it hurt in my pubic bone area when my ovaries are at the side? He wouldn’t have peeled there, would he? I’ve tried googling it, but it seems like nobody’s had this or they are too embarrased to share it. Usually, I wouldn’t be bothered too much about this, I would just ride it out, but it’s the fact I am due back at work soon that’s worrying me. Will it be better in 14 days?

This week I am going to try and up my walking distance in the hope of getting more prepared for doing a full days work. If I take it easy too much, I’ll never get fit and I can already feel my my legs stiffening up. I won’t do anything daft, but I can feel the pressure now to be back at work. I can’t believe how fast 6 weeks is flying by!

So, back to the giant. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. Thank you x


The giant stopped swinging on week 7 of my recovery. The pain just went, one day it was there, the next it was gone.


One thought on “The weird pains of healing.

  1. I wish I would have been feeling better and would have read this sooner. I know exactly what you are talking about! When I had my hysterectomy I had the same kind of feeling….I always said my vagina hurts and that it felt like some one had kicked me in the pelvic bone. One day I woke up and didn’t hurt anymore. The doctor told me that it was because of all of the stuff they took out, the cysts, the endo and of course all my girly parts. I guess maybe she was right! I was scared that it was going to hurt forever! I’m glad your feeling better now.

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