The joy of wearing jeans again

Last week I tried to wear my jeans, but within ten minutes of wearing them I had to whip them off again because it was far too uncomfortable along my scar. Not anymore! The random stabbing pain that I have suffered since coming home from the hospital has suddenly disappeared, like magic, and today I wore my jeans for the whole day! I had to put a plaster on a part of my scar that still has a bit of stitch hanging out of it, but apart from that I’ve been fine. It’s so weird how a few days have made all the difference to my recovery.

G has been telling me not to worry, it’ll get better, but I secretly haven’t believed him because when I had my hysterectomy I had to have another mini operation a few months after it to remove a massive stitch that hadn’t dissolved. I thought that maybe I was unlucky enough for that to happen again.

I am so pleased, and relieved that I will be well enough to go back to work after the half term holidays. Next time, (if there is a next time) I must remember to be patient and let my body heal without worrying.

It’s been a stange few months, full of ups and downs. My mum had treatment for breast cancer in January and February, then G had an operation on his stomach in March. Finally, relatively out of the blue, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had to have an ovary removed. Lets hope that’s the end of hospital visits for a while and that the last 6 months of 2013 is better than the first. It’s true when people say you never know what’s around the corner, this year has proved that.


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