What now? How about the Caribbean

It’s not definite, (yet) but we might be moving to the Carribean. G has had several interviews over the last few weeks and on Monday he was told he had got the job! There are still loose ends to tie up and contracts to sign, but it’s looking good so far.

I haven’t told my family yet because I want to wait until everything is signed, and to be honest I am absolutely dreading it. I know my dad will be pleased, but I think my mum will be very upset. She will put on a brave face, but deep down she will want to chain us to her house. The thing is though, I don’t see her very often anyway because we live about 200 miles apart, so it won’t make THAT much difference. Skyping is wonderful and I hope to come back to England once in while to see her. My main concern is that after having radio therapy in January she still isn’t 100% fit and healthy, and is still suffering with tiredness and other strange aliments. I feel like a bad daughter leaving her and I don’t want her to feel abandoned, but I also know she isn’t alone, she has a husband, my brother and loads and loads of friends! Even though I know all this, I still can’t shake away that feeling of guilt. I’ll have to have a heart to heart with her, but it won’t be easy.

So far, this year has been awful, so this seems like a perfect opportunity to turn it from terrible to terrific. Opportunities don’t happen like this every day, and our childless freedom makes everything so much easier. It’s still going to be stressful, and I’m not looking forward packing and looking for a teaching job, but it’ll be an adventure, and if we don’t like it we can always come home.


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