Excited beyond belief!

A lot has happened these last few weeks and for once life is bloody brilliant! As I mentioned in the last post, we might be going to live in the Caribbean. After quite a lot of interviews and negotiations G got the job and it’s signed and sealed, he starts in September!

I was expecting to be a dependant on his visa, at least until I managed to find my feet and get used to the island. I was quite looking forward to being a lady of leisure for a while! However, things have moved on quite a lot since last weekend and now I won’t need to be a dependant because I’ve got my own visa! I applied to the education department on Friday, had an interview via skype on Monday and found out yesterday that I’d got the job! I can’t believe it. I am so proud of both of us.

I told my husband that I had written about our plans on my blog (which he is not allowed to read) and he asked if I had written our exact location in the Caribbean. At first I had, but G asked if I would change it because he said it was a small place and somebody might recognise that it was us. He doesn’t want everybody to know our business, which is fair enough because it’s his life too. So, in order to stay anonymous I will just be referring to our location as the Caribbean.

The worst part of all this was telling my mum. She is not in the best of health and although she has got over her radiotherapy she is not back to her normal bubbly self. Every week she seems to have something else wrong with her and she has a constant flow of hospital and doctors appointments. I had a long chat with her, and she really wants me to go. She said she would feel awful if she thought I had stayed in the UK because of her. I just wish she was better. I cry everytime I talk about her to anyone and I feel guilty for not being there to support her. I have to remember though that she has a husband, son and loads of friends who love her to bits and are who are looking after her. Or am I just justifying my move to myself? Thank goodness for Skype!

So now we have a tonne of stuff to do and if I think about it too much it is overwhelming. Our biggest challenge is to find a home for our pet degus. They are only rodents, but G loves them and they are too intellegent to just hand over to anyone. We want someone who knows how to handle them and who understands their dietary needs. I hope we manage to find that special person or else I’m not sure what their fate will be.

I am not a religious person, but this week has made me think that something has been shone upon us and has given us a helping hand. The series of events over the last couple of months has pushed us to where we are now, the biggest one being not getting the teaching position I expected to get. Occasionally, opportunites arise at the best of times and it’s those that we have to grab with both hands.

At last the “what now?” part of the blog is coming together!


2 thoughts on “Excited beyond belief!

  1. I haven’t been able to comment for a while due to lack of internet but now I can! Your blog post brought a tear to my eye today. I am so pleased things are working out for you after a tough start to the year. It all sounds so exciting and I really admire your strength to seize this opportunity and your sense of adventure! I can understand how tough it must be to leave your Mum but what a great person she sounds to support your decision. It’s really inspiring to read about somebody who is figuring out the ‘what now’ part of not having kids. Best of luck with it all and happy packing! Xx

    • Thanks Janey,

      I am still grinning a lot, but at the same time feeling slightly overwhelmed. I have decided to do a little bit packing or organising everyday and then it won’t be too daunting. Luckily school ends for the summer on Tuesday so I will have loads of time on my hands! It’s all worked out so spookily well. I hope you are well and are looking forward to the summer.

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