Busy as a bee!

It was the last day of term yesterday and as usual I received loads of presents from my lovely pupils. I was even given a poem from a little girl in my class, all about me!
It goes like this:

Mrs J is funny,
She’s as sweet as bunny,
Mrs J’s best feature,
Is being the best teacher,
Mrs J’s brown hair,
Sweetens the air,
Mrs J is the best,
Of the teacher fest!
Mrs J wears lovely tights,
Make for perfect nights,
Mrs J’s dresses go fantastically with her tresses,
Mrs J is a teacher I’ll remember,
Cause this is what Mrs J is…

And she also drew a lovely picture of me wearing my green dress and black tights. She even drew the little crease I have on my forehead!

I found it difficult to keep my eyes dry, but then I was given a picture of a spider from one of the boys which made me laugh out loud.

So now I’m going to be very busy packing and tying up loose ends for our adventure. I still need to have a medical which, with my medical history, could put a spanner in the works. However, I am actually very healthy despite my raggy doll status, so hopefully I should be ok.

At the moment I am on the train going up north for few a days to see my mum. She’s having a few tests on Friday to get to the bottom of her unwellness. She called me yesterday to warn me that I might get a shock when I see her because she has lost a lot of weight. Then an hour later her best friend phoned to say the same. My mum is usually on the small and chubby side so I am preparing myself for the worst. She isn’t losing weight without reason, it’s because she just doesn’t feel like eating. She’s having soups and protein drinks, but hasn’t got the stomach for anything else. It’s very worrying and I really hope and pray that they manage to sort her out before I go away. She has so many symptoms now that they must be able to diagnose her with something.

The stress of moving has started to take its toll on G and I. We had an argument last night because I didn’t read a form properly and something should have been emailed to my new employer 2 weeks ago. G had already had a bad day at work, so his tolerance level and patience was quite low. I really should stop scanning things and read from left to right, top to bottom. Hap hazard reading has become a terrible habit of mine. Thankfully we managed to kiss and make up before I left, maybe having a bit of space from each other for a few days will do us good.


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