Boxes, medicals and Forgetfulness!

The doctors think my mum might have Crohns disease. The tests revealed that her colon is full of ulcers and along with her other symptoms (eye inflamation, sore joints and skin rashes), it looks like it’s either Crohns or Behcets. If anything, I am hoping it’s Crohns. My best friend has Behcets and I know how much she suffers with it and how little the doctors can do to help her. She is on so many different drugs and they have so many side effects, she doesn’t know what each day will bring or how she is going to be feeling from one hour to the next. I understand that Crohns is also a horrible disease, but I think more is known about it and mum will hopefully be able to be treated more effectivley with drugs and diet. The doctor reckons she should be well again by Christmas, so roll on Christmas! I hate to see her suffering like this.

After spending a few days with mum I am now back at home faced with a world of boxes and more boxes. I have never been a fan of moving house, but as we are moving to the Caribbean I can at least pack with a smile on my face. The bedroom is almost packed and I started on the kitchen today which was difficult because I couldn’t decide what I should be shipping and what I should be putting in storage. G is still working full time so most of the packing has been left to me, we don’t have time wait around.

On Monday I had my medical for my visa. I had to have a full examination, chest Xray, HIV test and a syphilis test. I have been very nervous about the medical because as I’ve mentioned before, my medical history is long and complicated. I was born with an esophageal atresia which means my oesophagus was dead ended and part of it was connected to my trachea. The correctional operations I had as a baby has caused other problems like scoliosis and a slight lung impairment. It’s a pretty rare condition and I have only ever randomly met one other person with it.

So, you can imagine my shock when I found out that the doctor who examined me has a daughter with the same condition. How weird is that? She said I was the first person she had seen in her surgery with the condition and she was really interested to see all my scars and compare them to her daughters. She also said that if immigration turn me away she will personally write to them and let them know, that despite my problems, I am healthy. There are no reasons why I can’t do the job I have been offered.

So once again I feel like G and I are being helped by some higher being (silly I know, especially as I am not religious). It seems like it is definitely our fate to go abroad because so many people are helping us and everything is just falling into place. Take yesterday for example, I had so much on my mind that I genuinely forgot to get a train ticket before I boarded the train. I actually sat on the platform for ten minutes waiting for the train and it didn’t enter my head that I needed to go to the machine and get a ticket! What a wally! I realised as soon as I’d boarded and panicked all the way to my destination. Anyway, I owned up straight away and expected a telling off or worse a fine. But instead, the lady at the turnstile whispered to me to go through quickly whilst the main inspector was busy with another fare dodger! Have I got some sort of guardian angel with me all of a sudden? If I do, as much as I am grateful, maybe they could go and help my mum instead:)


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