I started this blog on the 21st September 2012. I had met a girl in the pub who had just found out she was pregnant and as usual I had to put on a happy front, when deep down I felt really sad. I decided that I needed somewhere to be allowed to express my feelings openly, and that was how this blog was born.

Nearly a year on I feel like I have healed a great deal and I no longer cry when talking about my infertility. I have come to terms with my childlessness and I am on the verge of beginning a new chapter in my life. Back in April things could have turned out so differently. If my ovarian cysts had been cancerous I would now be going through chemotherapy and have a life full of hospital visits and sickness. I think about that everyday, and I know that I never want to be that scared again. I am grateful beyond words that that I am healthy and happy.

From next week we will be travelling around the UK seeing my friends and family before we head off to the Caribbean. I feel ready to move on to my plan B and although the move isn’t forever, it will open new doors, I will meet new people and it will give me a sense of achievement. In two years time, when we return to the UK, we may feel ready to begin the adoption process. I am still a little hopeful I will become a mother one day, but I am no longer obsessed by it.

I would like to thank all those who have read my blog and those who have supported me through their thoughful and empathetic comments. I am not a writer by any means so it meant a lot that people were following me and wishing me well. I will shortly be starting a new blog about our Caribbean life for my friends and family to follow, but as I want to stay anonymous here, I will not be providing a link.

It’s time now say goodbye to this blog because I’ve finally found my “what now?” Good bye, good luck and I hope you will soon find yours:) xx


9 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. So fantastic to read your final post and to hear how this year has turned out so positively after such a tough start. I read your post with a tear in my eye and a big smile on my face. It’s so great to hear you sounding so at peace with things. On a personal note I wanted to thank you for your blog this year, I have found great comfort and support in your honesty and humour! I wish you lots of luck in your new adventure! Xx

  2. Oh no! I have loved reading your blog so much. But really, I’m glad you’re at a place where you’re starting a new chapter. It’s amazing how a little blog written by someone across the world (I’m in Canada) can make an impact but yours has, loved reading it, and wishing you all the best in your next chapter!

  3. I am sure you have heard all this all before, but have you considered adoption? There are SO many kids out there needing homes and I have heard many, many tales of people getting pregnant after they adopt. Also, I don’t know what route you have gone medically but hormone imbalances are a major issue that rarely gets addressed properly. Just reading from the links you have on here, they are not accurate, the cause of fibroids IS known and that article lies by saying that it isn’t. I may be able to help! Email me! ❤

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