The end to an uncertain time

Yesterday, finally, I got my thorough biopsy results back, and I am relieved beyond belief to find out that both cysts were benign. They were both caused by endometriosis, (which I didn’t even know I suffered from) otherwise known as … Continue reading

One ovary or no ovaries, decision made.

I’ve decided to keep one ovary. I have more questions for the consultant, but after thinking about it carefully, I believe I would be jumping the gun a bit if I got rid of it unecessarily. So, I might need it removing eventually, but I might not, and if I remove it now there’s no turning back. That scares me a bit. I would be stuck with HRT until I’m in my 50s which seems quite a long way away right now. On top of that HRT might not be very healthy for me, and if it’s not crucial that I go on it, then I should really hold off for as long as possible.
I’m seeing the consultant again on Friday and the anesthetist next Thursday. I need to write down a list of questions before then, but I’m pretty certain I’ve made my mind up.