My top 5 positive things that childlessness brings

This weekend G and I had a lovely mini break at the seaside. We had fun, but it was also quite tough for us because we were bombarded with idyllic scenes of families enjoying quality time together. There were sandcastles … Continue reading

The influence of pronatalism

Due to the population of the ever expanding planet, I have always thought that these days, it was a little bit selfish to have your own biological child. Before I was deemed infertile, my husband and I used to have … Continue reading

The top 5 things to say, and not say, to someone who hasn’t got a child

Now I’m in my 30s, the topic of having children always comes up in conversation. It usually goes like this: Aquaintance: “How about you? Have you got any children?” Me: “No, I haven’t no” Aquaintance: “Not yet eh?” Me: “Well … Continue reading

Getting over Christmas And…..When do you tell a new partner you are infertile?

Well, we’ve got through Christmas without any tears. Although, I did cry at a Simpsons episode. The one where Bart steals a video game and Marge is very disappointed in him. I know it’s daft to cry at the Simpsons, … Continue reading

The Top 5 comments people say when they discover you can’t have children

1. You can always adopt! 2. Oh that’s a shame, you’d be a great mum. 3. At least you get to lie in. 4. Maybe you could use a surrogate, have you frozen your eggs? 5. You’re the lucky one, … Continue reading